About Us

Krypton Creed designs and serves cocktails for all kind of events. We try to do this in a sustainable way: we’re always actively looking for collaborations with local spirits and for organizations who can help us with ideas on how to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our creative mixology collective thinks outside the box and we continue our journey off the beaten cocktail track. In order to give events a creative and personal touch, we listen to the needs of our customers and design cocktails based on their suggestions, hence our hashtag: #wecreate.

Speak to us in what flavors and/or alcohol you like:

Is it vodka, whisky, rum or mezcal that hits your spot?
Do you prefer adressing us in terms of sour, sweet, bitter or salty?
Or maybe you want to keep it classic with mint, apple juice or tonic?

Whatever it is, based on your suggestions, we design a cocktail or mocktail ( = cocktail without alcohol) menu for your event.

Don’t have any inspiration?

No worries, just make a selection from our Signature, Classic or Mocktail Menu.

Made a selection?

The only thing what’s left to do is check out our amazing offer and book us for an experience you’ll never forget.

See here what the press has to say about us:

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