What did you expect?

“It is with a lot of enthusiasm that I recommend Krypton Creed for any events. We had our first Krypton Creed experience last week with some friends and family members, and it was a great discovery : first, but definitely not last time that we use their services. The cocktails are fantastic (whether classic or…

Afterworks: [Krypton Creed x Ce soir j’ai pas les gosses]

Whether it’s for a creative touch on your menu or an extra luxury cocktail bar at your afterwork, Krypton Creed is your best choice. Personalized and sustainable cocktails is what we strive for, brought to you by an always smiling professional staff.

Menu Design

Does your menu need a creative touch? We’re all ears. Every month we design a unique cocktail of the month tailored to the needs of restobar The Loft. It’s a great example of how bars and restaurants can partner with creative mixology collectives.

‘The Intersubjective’

Modern western culture has some basic misconceptions about the nature of happiness. The origin of the word is instructive: happiness stems from the root verb to happen, which implies that our happiness is what happens: Tequila, sambuca, agave, fresh lime juice, cucumber & chili flakes.

How to make a delicious cocktail without alcohol at home

Presenting ‘Walk Of Life’: The mocktail famous for being so damn refreshing and curing even the worst hangovers.  You’ll need:– Cucumber– 5 cl Peach Juice– 1.5 cl Cane sugar– 2cl Fresh lime Juice– Mint– Ginger beer How to:➡ Mash a piece of cucumber of roughly 1cm in a highball glass together with the cane sugar. Add…

‘Tour De France’

We are incredibly proud of our new design ‘Tour de France’. It took our team weeks of tasting, adjusting until we brought the cocktail to perfection. On adore l’harmonie des couleurs dans le cocktail! We started off with a red Domaine de Cristia, Côtes du Rhône from 2016. Sensuelle, ample, veloutée et puissante. We added…


There are two types of companies. Those that simply sell their products, and there is nothing wrong with that. Then you have companies that want to do something bigger. ‘Überlin’ is a baby cocktail we designed between the hills of Salzburg. A purree of red currant, agave, vodka, fresh lime juice, cannabis ice tea, Austrian…