Our Offer

*The prices of most of our cocktails vary between 7€ and 13.

Open Bar

All your guests can get as much cocktails as they like at our bar.

Serving Rounds

This type of service is more like a tasting. We serve 1 to 5 rounds (as much as you like) of different cocktails. Communicate the number of guests you’re expecting and the amount of cocktail rounds you’d like.

Interactive Cocktail Class

Perfect for birthday and bachelor(ette) parties, a teambuilding activity or a wedding. Learn how to shake, strain and muddle! After this cocktail class you’ll be able to make your favourite cocktails all by yourself. Who of your friends shakes the best?

Booking us is easy. Pick one of our services from above and we will contact you for more specifics to make your event a very personal, creative and unforgettable experience. With our Open Bar service we roughly calculate how many cocktails we will serve at your event based on the number of guests who are attending. With our Serving Rounds service and Cocktail Class service we’re able to calculate the exact number of cocktails that we will serve.

Let’s get creative, together.