LolaLiza: Creating fashion-based cocktails

We were thrilled to design and serve cocktails for LolaLiza’s birthday bash at Plein Publiek Brussels.

Our first creation ‘Glamorous Lola’ is a design composed with Aperol, vodka, homemade rosemary syrup, orange confit, fresh orange juice, egg white, peach bitters, sage and a golden sugar rim.

The rim refers to the fashion show that took place on the event with glitter as one of the key components.

Our second creation ‘Dress Like Lisa’ is based on the iconic dresses of LolaLiza that were also showcased during the event.

The cocktail literally dressed up for the occasion: Agave, fresh lime juice, gin, mashed strawberries, mint, elderflower tonic, angostura bitters, powdered sugar & a red berry dusted dress.

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