How to make a delicious cocktail without alcohol at home

Presenting ‘Walk Of Life’: The mocktail famous for being so damn refreshing and curing even the worst hangovers. 

You’ll need:
– Cucumber
– 5 cl Peach Juice
– 1.5 cl Cane sugar
– 2cl Fresh lime Juice
– Mint
– Ginger beer

How to:
➡ Mash a piece of cucumber of roughly 1cm in a highball glass together with the cane sugar. Add ice cubes. ➡ In your shaker: Peach juice, mint, lime juice, ice ➡ Shake ✅
➡ Double strain the mix into your glass
➡ Fill the glass to the top with ginger beer

Et voilà, Savourez! 

… In case you don’t have a shaker at home, that’s okay! You can also mix all the ingredients directly into your glass: the taste will be slightly different, but still heavenly! 

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